Introducing Jessi...

Jessi grew up in the Pacific Northwest, having picnics in graveyards with her grandmother and sister. She has a long history of researching the paranormal and true crime and, despite it totally freaking her out, she tortures herself with it daily. She is lucky to have a cousin who loves to delve into the intrinsically strange conversations for hours on end.

Jessi currently resides in Oregon with her son, Carson.

Introducing Jenna...

Jenna grew up with an insatiable curiosity that tended to lean towards the weird, the creepy, and the strange. Nose in a book or, in recent years, nose on the computer screen, she has spent years obsessing over ghosts, aliens, cryptozoology, and conspiracies. Luckily for Jenna, though, she has always been surrounded by family that supported and enabled her obsessions. Of course, there was always one rule: No Ouija Boards in the house.

Jenna exists in the void known as Oregon with her cat and foil hats.