The beginning of a beautiful (and creepy) friendship

Hello Listeners.

Welcome to the Be Creepy With Me Podcast!

We created this podcast in the hopes of further exploring and sharing our interests and obsessions with the scary, weird, bizarre, morbid, mysterious, and everything in between. During our journey here we will report on unsolved mysteries, ghosts, spiritual experiences, aliens, cryptozoology, true crime, and oh so many more. Anything that peaks our creepy interests, or yours, is open to discussion.

We’ve been lucky enough to have each other, as well as a few other close friends and family members, that have learned to accept and share in our interests, and we wanted to give others that same safe space. Because let’s face it, when in a group of people, conversing and laughing and having a good ol’ time, sometimes it’s the wrong place or wrong time to bring up that you think the government is experimenting with mind control on rats, or asking whether or not you think an evil spirit was the cause of that crime being reported on the news.

Not here it’s not. We’ll listen. We are here to be weirdos. We’re here to be creepy with you…

So be creepy with us.

We hope you’ll stick around.

Jessi and Jenna