Episode 2: Reincarnation and Past Lives

Hello listeners, and thank you for joining us for our second episode! This time around we discussed Reincarnation and Past Lives, sharing stories from around the world of children who believed that they have lived before. These stories are extraordinary and truly pushed the limits of what we believed possible. There are so many instances of children and adults experiencing this phenomena that it was hard to choose which stories to share. We also touch on a scientist whose mission it is to scientifically explain reincarnation. This science is most definitely one of our new obsessions.

We hope you find these stories as fascinating and touching as we did.

The Pollock Twins

The Pollock Twins

The Pollock Twins:

When John and Florence Pollock lost both their daughters, Joanna (11) and Jacqueline (6), to a terrible accident, they were devastated. Their lives would never be the same. Some time later when Florence gave birth to identical twin girls, they were overjoyed. But soon their little girls, Gillian and Jennifer, began displaying strange behavior. This behavior, coupled with birthmarks resembling scars and birthmarks that had been shared by Joanna and Jacqueline, led the couple to believe that they had all four of their daughters there with them.

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Patrick Christenson:

When Kevin Christenson first began walking, his parents noticed that he walked with a limp favoring his left leg. When one day he fell and broke his leg, doctors examined him and found above his right ear a small nodule. After a biopsy and tests, Kevin was found to have metastatic cancer. Other growths developed in his body, including one behind his eye that caused the eye to protrude and led to blindness in that eye. He was treated with chemotherapy utilizing a cannula that was inserted in the right side of his neck. Unfortunately, Kevin succumb to his illness just three weeks after turning two years old.

Twelve years later, Kevin’s mother, now remarried, gave birth to Patrick. Patrick was found to have a small birthmark resembling a scar on the right side of his neck, in the same location Kevin had had the cannula inserted. He also had a benign nodule above his right ear, cloudiness and partial blindness in his eye, and even more amazing still was the fact that when Patrick began walking he walked with a noticeable limp. As he got older, Patrick would ask his mother to take him back to his old brown and orange home – the very colors of the home that Kevin and his family had lived in as a family. He would also ask his mother if she remembered when he had had surgery. This, and the physical evidence found on Patrick, led his mother to believe that he was the reincarnation of his older brother that she had lost so many years before.

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Barbro Karlen:

Barbro Karlen was born in Sweden in 1954. Beginning at a young age, Barbro began experiencing dreams and nightmares that placed her in another world. She would often ask her parents where her other parents were, and would also tell them that her name was not Barbro but was in fact Anne…Anne Frank. Her parents assumed that she had an overactive imagination and remained unconcerned, but as she grew she continued to experience this feeling of existing in two worlds. Barbro remained so adamant that she was in fact Anne, and that one day soon her real parents would come find her and take her home, that her parents decided to send her to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, much like her parents, assumed Barbro was being an imaginative little girl and that she would grow out of this phase. After this, Barbro decided it was better not to discuss her feelings and the memories she was experiencing and kept quiet.

After she began school, and learned to read and write, Barbro began chronicling her experiences and the memories of her other life, though she never showed anyone. It was around this time that schools began teaching the students about the tragedy of the Holocaust and especially a diary written by a young girl by the name of Anne Frank. Imagine Barbro’s surprise when she learned that she – or rather Anne – was known the world over.

Not long after, the Karlen family decided to take a vacation around Europe, including a stop in Amsterdam. While in the city, Barbro suddenly exclaimed that she “knew the way” and began leading her parents through the streets until they came to stand before the home in which the Frank family had spent their time hiding. Barbo was heard to have said that they “changed the steps” and when they entered continued to point out changes in the home, and in the attic itself have knowledge of the space she could not possible have had. It was this experience, coupled with her behavior in the past, that led Barbro’s mother to believe that perhaps her daughter truly was experiencing reincarnation.

Barbro continued to live her life in duality, her memories overlapping with that of Anne’s. As an adult, Barbro did write and publish a book chronicling her experiences, and was even introduced to a family member of Anne Frank’s who, upon meeting her, came to also believe that perhaps Anne was walking the earth once again.  

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